Gram Flour - Garbanzo Bean Fine Ground Chickpea Besan for Hummus Falafel

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Gram flour, also known as garbanzo bean flour, chickpea flour, or besan, is a pulse flour made from ground chickpeas. Used in many countries, it is a staple ingredient in Indian, Pakistani, Nepali and Bangladeshi cuisines. Gram flour can be made from either raw chickpeas or roasted chickpeas. The roasted variety is more flavorful, while the raw variety has a slightly bitter taste.

In the form of a paste with water or yogurt, it is also popular as a facial exfoliant in the Indian Subcontinent. When mixed with an equal proportion of water, it can be used as an egg replacer in vegan cooking.

It is most popular in the cuisine of South Asia, where the flour is used to make the following: Indian Ethnic Snacks, Sev, Bhajjis, Bikaneri Bhujia, Bonda, Boondi, Chila, Dhokla, Kadhi, Laddu, Mysore pak, Pakoras, Papadums, Patra, Burmese tofu, Jidou liangfen.

In Andhra Pradesh chickpea flour is used in a curry made of cakes of gram flour popularly called Senaga Pindi Kura and is had with Chapati or Puri, mostly during winter for breakfast. Chila (or chilla), a pancake made with gram flour batter, is a popular street food in India.

Along the coast of the Ligurian Sea chickpea flour is used to make a thin pancake which is baked in the oven. This popular street food is called farinata in Italian cuisine, fainâ in Genoa and is known as socca or cade in French cuisine. It is used to make panelle, a fritter in Sicilian cuisine. In Spanish cuisine gram flour is an ingredient for tortillitas de camarones. Also in Cyprus and Greece it is used as a garnishing ingredient for the funeral ritual food Koliva, blessed and eaten during Orthodox Memorial services.

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